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SpermX Outperforms Traditional DNA Extraction Methods

Written by: Alan Baker 23rd February, 2024

Crime laboratories have faced backlogs of unanalysed sexual assault kits (SAKs) for decades. While laboratories have spent considerable effort to combat these backlogs, an often-overlooked issue is the low success rate of obtaining informative DNA profiles of perpetrators when testing these kits. The National Institute of Justice has indicated that the current procedures for analysing…

Dubowski’s Seven Stages of Alcohol Influence

Written by: Alan Baker 15th February, 2024

In the fields of forensic science and legal medicine, one of the most widely utilised tables was developed by Professor Kurt M. Dubowski at the University of Oklahoma. An article explores the origins of various charts and tables that outline the progression of alcohol influence. These regard clinical indicators of intoxication and an individual’s blood-alcohol…