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Medical Forensics

Medical Forensics

Medical Forensics

Bericon Forensics is a trusted provider of medical forensic services in the UK. Our commitment to excellence allows us to provide a wide range of medical forensic services. For both legal professionals and individuals. 

Our growth 

We have now expanded our service offering, by collaborating with one of the leading forensic medical providers in the country. This means we can now extend our assistance in a variety of cases where medical forensics plays a crucial role. 

In what cases is medical forensics needed?

There are various instances where medical forensic reports and analysis are important. Our expertise can prove invaluable including in cases involving injury to a person. This could include injury caused by weapons, such as knives. Where we will determine the age and extent of injuries. 

In other situations, individuals may claim an inability to provide a breath sample for alcohol testing due to medical conditions. Bericon Forensics is also able to provide support in these situations. Whereas in instances where automatism is a potential concern, or there are suggestions about side effects of prescription medications. Bericon steps in to provide forensic medical examination services. 

Fitness to stand trial 

Our team of forensic experts is well-versed in evaluating an individual fitness to be interviewed, or to stand trial. We always ensure a comprehensive understanding of a person’s physical and mental state is provided as requested. This ensures safety in the context of legal proceedings. 

Mental health examinations 

Our forensic psychologists conduct evaluations of individual mental health. As well as cognitive functioning, and personality traits. These assessments help to determine a person’s suitability for specific legal processes. Such as standing trial or serving as a witness. 

Post Mortem 

For cases that involve a post-mortem, we offer a service of ‘second post-mortem’. Conducted with the utmost professionalism, precision and expertise. Our commitment to accuracy and attention to detail is of the highest standard. This ensures that the forensic medical examination process is thorough. As well as objective, and in adherence to the highest standards.

Our standards of service

Bericon Forensics prides itself on being professional and experienced. Whilst maintaining the highest ethical practices. Our psychologists contribute to the fair and just functioning legal system. 

Forensic medical assessments and evaluations 

Forensic medical examinations are also known as medical evaluations or forensic medical assessments. They are a vital component of our service offering at Bercion. A comprehensive medical examination is conducted on individuals who have experienced physical or sexual violence. Or other forms of abuse, or other similar traumatic events. 

The primary objective of this examination is to collect objective evidence and meticulously document injuries. We can also provide essential medical care, and support to a victim. All whilst we ensure to preserve crucial evidence for legal proceedings. 

Who do we provide forensic examinations for? 

At Bericon, we understand the significance of forensic psychology in the legal landscape. Our team of experts collaborate with a diverse range of individuals. These include criminals and victims of crime. Plus, witnesses, and professionals within the criminal justice system. Our forensic professionals play a crucial role in assessing the mental state and competency of defendants. As well as evaluating the risk of reoffending, and providing valuable insights into motives and behaviours.

Our expertise and support

Bericon is dedicated to providing unparalleled expertise and support in the field of medical forensics. Trust us to deliver comprehensive and reliable services to legal professionals and individuals across the UK. Ensuring that justice is served with accuracy and integrity.

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