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Case Study 8: Electronic Tags

Case Study 8: Electronic Tags (PID’s)


The Defendant was subject to a curfew order and was fitted with an electronic monitoring device or Personal Identification Device (PID).

There were a large number of incidents when he reportedly left the property during his curfew hours.

It was contended by the Defendant that the system has malfunctioned from the time that of its installation and that he was present within the property at times that suggest that he was absent.


Bericon Forensics was asked to undertake a site inspection of the installation and try to establish whether it was possible to demonstrate that the system was working correctly.



An inspection enabled Bericon to offer reservations about the position of the monitoring unit (SMU) within the lounge of the property and more especially its proximity to a quantity of water and at least two large permanent magnets contained in loudspeakers.


A request was made to G4S with regard to possible interference with the communication between the PID and SMU but this request was denied on the basis of “public interest.”

It remains a case with many questions left unresolved about this type of installation.



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