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The business now operates from premises in Stoke on Trent making it ideally placed geographically to accept instructions from across the UK. Alongside this head office facility the business is supported by a team of consultants each providing expertise in a defined area of science.

Our intention is to make Bericon your first choice for forensic consultancy by offering a fast, friendly and efficient service. There are so many occasions when forensic evidence is presented by the Prosecution which leaves solicitors wondering whether to pursue a defence of it. So if it’s an immediate instruction or whether its just informal advice you require, Bericon is here to help.

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  • Talking to ourselves and voices in our heads
    As far our brain is concerned, talking to ourselves in our heads may be fundamentally the same as speaking our thoughts out loud, new research shows. The findings may have important implications for understanding why people with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia hear voices.

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Due to Dr Short preparing a report on DNA at short notice our client was found not guilty of a serious sexual offence
David Hay, Abraham Solicitors