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Case Study 1: Blood Pattern Analysis

 Case Study 1: Blood Pattern Analysis Situation…


The Defendant (and a co-Defendant) were charged with murder. The Police received a call from the defendant stating that there was a male on the floor of his bedroom who was not breathing. The post mortem revealed that he had died from a head injury. Blood spatter was present at the scene on the walls, near the door and there was contact smearing of blood and an envelope with footwear tread marks and blood on.  A contact bloodstain bearing apparent ridge detail was present at the scene with along several spots of blood.



Bericon Forensics was asked to check the blood stain pattern on clothing and footwear attributed to the Defendant and co-Defendant and also at the scene where the deceased was found. We were then to comment on whether that evidence revealed anything about the Defendant’s actions during the incident.


We found no fault with the CPS’ interpretation but many of the findings were not accounted for by the Defendant, which may had been due to him being out of the room, dazed or asleep at the time of the incident and when he suggests that the co-Defendant had attacked the victim. We reported that the Defendant’s account of his actions during the incident was not, in our opinion, contradicted and the Court found the defendant not guilty of Murder and Manslaughter


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