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Marks & Traces

Marks & Traces

Marks & Traces

Forensic Analysis of Fibres, Glass, Paint and Noxious Substances

At Bericon, our Staffordshire based forensic science experts are highly experienced in the
detailed analysis of marks and traces left at a crime scene. We are equipped with the most
up to date equipment that allows us to conduct accurate and minute forensic analysis of
glass, fibres, paint, and other surfaces, as well as gunshot residue. We can gather highly
specific information from forensic analysis that can assist legal teams, defence lawyers and
solicitors during court cases, producing presentable evidence reports suitable for the court
at short notice.


Expert Analysis on Glass


Expert Analysis on Toolmarks


Expert Analysis on Fibres


Expert Analysis on Paint


Expert Analysis on Gunshot Residue or Firearms Discharge


Noxious Substances

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