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Computer and Mobile Phone Forensics

Computer and Mobile Phone Forensics

Computer and Mobile Phone Forensics

Computer and Mobile Phone Forensics

Hi Tec digital devices have transformed our lives and majorly impacted all levels of criminality. Technology has aided traditional crimes and created new kinds of criminal activity. Due to fast evolving technology, many devices will have the potential to capture digital evidence. These devices are commonly used in our everyday business and personal lives, including:

  • Mobile phones
  • Computers
  • Audio and video technologies

Digital evidence can be a significant factor in a criminal or civil case. The production of recovered emails, call logs, text messages, social network messages, CCTV footage and many other digital files can extensively impact the successful outcome of crime, trading disputes and other commercial differences along with employment discrimination and personal injury cases. Over the years we have acquired experience in providing many forensic digital examinations including:

  • Computer examinations
  • Mobile phone & PDA examinations
  • Cell site analysis
  • Audio & Video examinations
  • Facial mapping

Computers are now regularly used every day in our business and personal lives. The growth and simplicity of internet access have made computer misuse and crime increase significantly.



Our computer examiners follow high professional standards of practice. They can capture, extract and analyse digital data, provide clear, concise reports/statements, and can appear in court as an expert witness to present evidence.
Our examiners can identify and recover:

  • Hidden files
  • Date & times of specific events
  • Internet history & activity
  • Indecent material & images
  • Deleted data
  • Email communications

Mobile phones & PDA’s are commonly used as personal digital devices. These devices are used to support most forms of communication, including business transaction communication and personal communication between friends & relatives, however they are now largely used in criminal acts.

Data is stored in 3 main areas of the handset device:

  • On the sim card
  • In the integrated memory of the device
  • On removable media storage including memory cards.

Our mobile phone examiners can perform rapid searches in order to obtain the most relevant information, whilst following a high standard of practice. They can identify and recover:

  • Call logs
  • Text message communications
  • Deleted data
  • Social network messages
  • Email communications
  • Dates and times of specific communication exchanges

Typically, investigations include the review of:
•Internet and email misuse including cases of high sensitivity.
•Computer hacking
•Intellectual property theft
•Copyright violations
•Peer to peer downloading

We are here to guide you through the technical jargon and make sense of electronic evidence and we believe in close liaison and open communication to ensure that you understand the evidence produced and the implications to your client’s case.

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