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Dust: The Future of DNA Evidence

Written by: Alan Baker 20th November, 2023

In the United Kingdom, humans consistently release deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) into the surrounding environment. This DNA can either remain suspended in the air or settle onto surfaces as indoor dust. The Study A study investigated the potential use of human DNA recovered from air and dust to examine crimes where visible traces are unavailable, such…

Dracula Unveiled: A Blood Spatter Analysis

Written by: Alan Baker 31st October, 2023

Introduction: Dracula, the iconic vampire has long haunted the realms of horror literature and cinema. His enigmatic character, known for his insatiable thirst for blood, has left a lasting impression on the collective psyche. In this blog, we combine the allure of Dracula with the science of blood spatter analysis to uncover the mysteries surrounding…

Drug Driving, Limits and Legislation

Written by: Alan Baker 27th October, 2023

There are limitations associated with all types of drug driving legislation, and different jurisdictions have assessed the advantages and disadvantages in their own ways. In most jurisdictions across Europe and the USA, legal limits for drugs are not established, with the exception of alcohol. Nevertheless, some places have implemented zero-tolerance laws for illicit drugs without…

ChatGPT’s Role in Digital Forensics

Written by: Alan Baker 13th October, 2023

Looking at the field of digital forensics, Large Language Models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, offer a range of advantages for enhancing and expediting the investigative process. However, as is the case with any application of artificial intelligence (AI) within digital forensics, it is imperative to adhere to the principles of an “AI-assisted investigation” and maintaining…

More Than Just a Laughing Matter

Written by: Alan Baker 6th September, 2023

The UK government has announced its intention to reclassify laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide or NOS, as a Class C drug and make it illegal by the end of this year. Possession of nitrous oxide will carry a potential prison sentence of up to two years. Nitrous oxide is a commonly used recreational…

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  • 'Dolomite Problem': 200-year-old geology mystery resolved
    For 200 years, scientists have failed to grow a common mineral in the laboratory under the conditions believed to have formed it naturally. Now, researchers have finally pulled it off, thanks to a new theory developed from atomic simulations. Their success resolves a long-standing geology mystery called the 'Dolomite Problem.' Dolomite -- a key mineral […]
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