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Synlab: Randox #2?

Written by: Alan Baker 31st January, 2023

  In January 2017, Randox voluntarily reported evidence of data manipulation in the analysis of drug driving samples. The company stated that they would be unable to “stand-over” the results of about 10,500 cases. In 2018, the company reported that 4,200 samples were still to be re-tested and that all work was to be completed…

The Same Old Problem

Written by: Alan Baker 30th January, 2023

Until the imposition of drug driving limits in 2015, the CPS prosecuted drivers on the basis of Section 4 of the Road Traffic Act and needed evidence of impairment to support their case. Whilst the number of prosecutions under the older section has diminished, Bericon still undertakes a considerable number of these cases each year….

Missed opportunities?

Written by: Alan Baker 20th January, 2023

  A report published in December 2022 [1] concludes: Multiple drugs and drug categories, including alcohol, cannabis and numerous illicit, prescription, and the over the counter drugs can impair driving performance and are associated with increased crash risk. Alcohol, both alone and in combination with other drugs, continues to be the drug with the most…