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Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Bericon Forensics is a cutting-edge digital forensics service provider. We support our clients and meet their unique needs, whether a legal professional or a member of the public in the UK. In an era where technology shapes and influences criminal activities, digital forensics plays a huge part in the investigation process.

Digital Transformation over the Years

At Bericon Forensics, we recognise the transformative impact of digital devices. Both on traditional and emerging forms of criminal activity. In today’s world, technology not only helps to facilitate crimes. But it also gives rise to criminal behaviour.

The Impact of Technology

Technological advancements continue to shape our society. They also simultaneously present new challenges and opportunities for criminal activity. The reliance on digital devices has not only facilitated traditional crimes but has also given rise to innovative forms of wrongdoing. Digital devices can be heavily involved in cybercrimes such as hacking, and fraud, to the misuse of digital communication channels for criminal purposes. The impact of digital technology on criminal behaviour cannot be overstated.

The Scope of Digital Forensics

The range of digital devices now has the potential to capture crucial digital information and evidence. These devices include mobile phones, smartphones, computers, audio devices and video technologies.

Digital Evidence

Digital evidence can be a decisive factor in criminal or civil cases. Influencing outcomes in crime investigations, and trading disputes. As well as commercial differences, employment discrimination cases, and personal injury claims.

Specialised Investigations

Our services extend to a variety of specialised investigations, including:

  • Internet and email misuse, especially in cases of high sensitivity.

  • Computer hacking incidents.

  • Intellectual property theft.

  • Copyright violations.

  • Peer-to-peer downloading investigations.

  • Fraudulent activities.

Our digital examinations include:

  • Computer examinations. Extraction and analysis of digital data, and recovering emails. As well as call logs, text messages, internet history and hidden or deleted files.

  • Mobile phone examinations. Retrieval of call logs, text messages, and deleted data. Plus, social network messages, indecent images and material and emails.

  • Cell site analysis: The ability to provide insight into mobile device locations at specific dates and times.

  • Audio & video examinations: Reviewing audio and video recordings for relevant information.

  • Facial mapping: Analysing facial features in order to identify individuals.

Digital Forensic Investigations

The readily available access to the internet has led to a significant increase in computer misuse and crime. Our examiners at Bericon Forensics always adhere to the highest professional standards. They are capable of capturing, extracting and analysing all different types of digital data. Resulting in clear and concise reports.

Our experts also work with mobile phones, as these too are frequently used in criminal activities. Following stringent standards of practice, we conduct rapid searches to obtain relevant information. Identifying crucial data, including call logs, text messages, deleted content, social network messages, and email communications.

Our expertise and support

Our expert team at Bericon Forensics is dedicated to unravelling the complexities of digital evidence to provide invaluable support. We are committed to providing tailored, state-of-the-art digital forensic services. That helps to navigate the complexities of the digital era. Partner with us, for unparalleled expertise, and professional and prompt service.

At Bericon Forensics we recognise the evolving nature of these challenges. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of digital forensics expertise. We do this to address and combat the intricate topic of digital forensics and our role in the UK criminal justice system.

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