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Laughing Gas… A Growing Concern

Written by: Alan Baker 24th November, 2022

Among young people, nitrous oxide has become one of the most abused substances in England and Wales. The 2019/20 Crime Survey for England and Wales indicated that 2.4 % of adults aged 16 to 59 years and 8.7 % of 16- to 24-year-olds reported using nitrous oxide. This is equivalent to around 796 000 and 549…

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Written by: Alan Baker 17th November, 2022

Whilst drugs in blood and urine testing are well developed areas of toxicological analysis, drugs in hair testing is a relative newcomer. The consequence being that issues relating to contamination, persistence and interpretation are evolving areas of research. A newly published paper is an excellent example of research in drugs in hair testing. (1) The…

Enquiry to Court within 2 weeks

Written by: Alan Baker 15th November, 2022

  Bericon Forensics were pleased to be able to offer rapid assistance to one of our best customers. We were requested to compare marks found on the victim’s head and body with footwear associated with Mr Haines.   Timeline of Bericon’s involvement with this case… 21/10 – Enquiry received 21/10 – Quote sent out to…

The Complex Philpott Fire Case

Written by: Alan Baker 14th November, 2022

Last week, the company founder, David Baldock, gave an insight into his most memorable case and today our current MD, Alan Baker, shares some thoughts on his most memorable case, that of Michael Philpott in 2012, which involved the deaths of 6 children at a house fire in Derby. The police investigation established that: The…

Bericon and The Birmingham Six

Written by: Alan Baker 10th November, 2022

As we approach Bericon’s 40th birthday, we decided to talk with the founder of Bericon Forensics, David Baldock, about his most memorable case whilst working for the company. The case of the Birmingham Six, in which six men spent 16 years in prison for a crime for which they were innocent. It is shocking not only…

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    For 200 years, scientists have failed to grow a common mineral in the laboratory under the conditions believed to have formed it naturally. Now, researchers have finally pulled it off, thanks to a new theory developed from atomic simulations. Their success resolves a long-standing geology mystery called the 'Dolomite Problem.' Dolomite -- a key mineral […]
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