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Drugs, Drug/Drink Driving and Toxicology

Drugs, Drug/Drink Driving and Toxicology

Drugs, Drug/Drink Driving and Toxicology

Forensic Drug Analysis and Assessment Service

At Bericon, we understand the critical role that accurate and reliable forensic drug analysis plays in the judicial process. Our team of seasoned experts, headquartered in Staffordshire, boasts decades of experience in conducting comprehensive drug assessments and testing for court cases of various complexities.

Expertise You Can Trust

Our forensic drug experts are meticulously trained to handle a wide array of drug-related cases, ranging from toxicology testing to the forensic examination of packaging materials. Whether it’s assessing substances seized during a drug raid or providing evidence in cases involving drug trafficking, manufacturing, possession, or impaired driving, Bericon stands as a trusted partner for legal professionals seeking robust forensic analysis.


Drug Use and Valuation

Bericon provides specialised forensic services related to drug use and valuation, offering vital assistance to legal professionals dealing with intricate cases involving illicit substances. Our expert team conducts meticulous toxicology testing, forensic analysis of packaging materials, and precise valuation of seized drugs, delivering essential insights for court proceedings.


Drink Driving

Bericon offers expert forensic services tailored to cases involving drunk driving offences. Our team employs advanced techniques to conduct thorough toxicology testing, accurately determining the presence and concentration of alcohol in biological samples.




Bericon provides specialised forensic services in toxicology, catering to a wide range of cases where chemical substances play a pivotal role. Our experienced team utilises state-of-the-art techniques to analyse biological samples and identify the presence of drugs, poisons, or other toxic substances with precision and accuracy.


Drugs on banknotes

Bericon provides specialised forensic services for analysing drugs on banknotes, offering crucial assistance in cases involving drug-related financial transactions or money laundering. Our expert team employs cutting-edge techniques to detect and identify traces of illicit substances on banknotes with precision and accuracy. Through meticulous analysis, we can determine the presence of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine, providing valuable evidence for criminal investigations and legal proceedings.


Drug Driving

Our expert team utilises advanced toxicology testing methods to accurately detect and quantify drugs in biological samples, such as blood or urine, collected from drivers suspected of drug impairment. Through meticulous analysis, we can identify a wide range of substances, including cannabis, cocaine, opioids, and synthetic drugs, enabling law enforcement to take appropriate action based on scientific evidence

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