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Digital Detective: ChatGPT’s Role in Forensic Science

Written by: Alan Baker 29th January, 2024

ChatGPT’s Potential in Forensics: ChatGPT in forensic science has potential, from drafting court reports to shorten decision times to helping identify research topics. Studies have shown that ChatGPT can produce formal research papers that often pass traditional plagiarism checks with a high originality score. Even when AI-output checkers identify some of the generated abstracts, there…

Nitrous Oxide – Difficulties in Detection

Written by: Alan Baker 22nd January, 2024

Purpose and Popularity: In medicine, practitioners widely use nitrous oxide (N2O) as an analgesic and anaesthetic. Additionally, it serves as a bacteriostatic, a non-oxidising propellant in whipped cream, and as a ripening agent for fruit. You can legally purchase food grade N2O in cartridges and cylinders in many parts of the world. When inhaled in…

Then and Now

Written by: Alan Baker 5th January, 2024

Since buying the business in January 2004, Alan Baker has seen massive changes in the forensic science marketplace and most notably sees the demise of the Forensic Science Service (FSS) in 2012 as being the single biggest change in that time. “It resulted in the end of a publicly-managed organisation which, at the time of…