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Forensic Alcohol Testing

Forensic Alcohol Testing

Forensic Alcohol Testing

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Bericon has over 40 years of experience in alcohol calculation cases and is able to offer expert and speedy reports for both the legal profession and members of the public, often turning around reports within days. We can assist with:

Laced or spiked drinks cases (“back calculations”): Were the individual’s drinks unknowingly laced with additional alcohol?

The consumption of alcohol after driving (so-called post-incident consumption or “hip flask” defences) Did the individual drink alcohol after, say, returning home and before the arrival of the police?

Calculations can be also be undertaken relating to Drunk in Charge cases where data is required to show when an individual would have been under the statutory limit to drive.

Expert reports can also be prepared on the possible effects of medication and medical conditions on an individual's breath, blood or urine samples.

Expert assessment of roadside and evidential breath testing procedures including use of Intoxilyzer, Intoximeter and Camic instruments. Were the correct instructions given by the police officers and was the instrument correctly calibrated?

Alongside this, Bericon is able to comment on the functioning and performance of roadside or portable and evidential breath testing instruments (Intoxilyzer, Intoximeter and Camic devices) and assess a person’s lung function or spirometry test results in light of their failure to satisfy the requirements of breath alcohol devices.

In addition, any report will include the assessment of the procedures adopted by the Police when completing the above types of test, in particular those undertaken as part of the MGDD/A, MGDD/B and MGDD/D forms, which can often be critical in a client’s case.

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