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Can Ketamine treat Depression?

Written by: Alan Baker 20th October, 2022

  Depression… What is it? Depression is a psychiatric mood disorder, causing a variety of symptoms, including persistent feelings of emptiness, hopelessness. Depression impacts around 16 million adults around the world each year and can be a challenge to treat. Some people respond poorly to the medication and therapies prescribed. A neuropsychiatry expert and CEO…

Is there a problem using forensic alcohol calculations for transgender individuals?

Written by: Alan Baker 13th October, 2022

Transgender is defined as people who have a gender identity which differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. Around the world there is estimated to be around 2% of the population who are transgender. Currently forensic alcohol calculations are the most performed forensic calculation. Forensic alcohol calculations require the knowledge of the sex of…

The World of Cannabinoids

Written by: Alan Baker 7th October, 2022

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (D9-THC) is the driving cannabinoid which gives users its psychoactive effects. However, the cannabis plant contains over 400 individual chemicals, many with unique pharmacological properties. Cannabis has been cultivated for millennia for materials and oils but has been restricted over the past century due to its psychoactive effects. The collection of synthetic cannabinoids, manmade chemicals…

Cannabis factory murder case

Written by: Alan Baker 5th October, 2022

Bericon’s instruction: Bericon was requested to examine a series of clothing items recovered as part of the police investigation and comment on any evidence of ammonia solution being deposited onto them. How did our expert do this? They visited a forensic laboratory where he examined a series of clothing items recovered during the police investigation….

Lines of Enquiry

Written by: Alan Baker 4th October, 2022

In a forensic comparison of materials it is usually the remit of the scientist to establish what, if any, association there is between different items. In drugs cases involving packaging, the examination of plastic bags and cling films can often yield vital evidence to link (or not) a person with either another person or a…