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Bericon’s Blogs

Spiked drinks – A Sobering Message for the Party Season

Written by: Alan Baker 29th November, 2014

Now is the time of year when Police begin their annual clampdown on drunk driving. But, we all see the warnings about the importance of watching how much you drink. Especially during the festive period, and especially when people are driving to and from events and parties. People are also urged to be extra careful…

Drug driving – A straight line for justice?

Written by: Alan Baker 20th November, 2014

Proposed legislation in 2015 should mean an end to the problem regularly faced by police forces when prosecuting drivers who may be under the influence of a drug. Currently, drivers face a tripod of evidence against them; alleged poor driving, the presence of a drug in their blood or urine, and their perceived poor performance…

Lab fees: Is it just about money?

Written by: Alan Baker 14th August, 2014

The comments of the Forensic Regulator in 2013 left the door open for labs used by police forces to impose charges for the release of data and/or the use of their premises for an examination of, say, clothing items. Since then it has become standard practice for the main providers to pass on these charges…

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