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Welcome to Bericon Forensics

Forensic Experts and Scientists for the Legal Profession and the General Public

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      Bericon Forensics has provided forensic excellence to the legal profession for 35 years and is one of the oldest independent forensic consultancies in the UK

      We aim to be the forensic ‘one stop shop’ for those requiring expertise in forensic science

      We realise how important forensic evidence can be and that often there is limited time to help.    We therefore guarantee a fast and efficient service with same day quotes

      We’re easy to contact and our customer journey means that we take ownership of any case from the moment you ask for a quote to the moment our expert steps-out of the witness box


      When it comes to forensic assessment, we are ever-mindful of the need to supply quotations that not only meet the needs of the client and their legal representatives but also the financial requirements imposed by the Legal Aid Agency. In these days of a fully-privatised forensic service in England and Wales, it has never been as important, in our view, to check both the validity and reliability of the forensic evidence but also check the significance of any work prior to its presentation to court.

      To aid this process, every one of our reporting scientists individually hold professional membership in their respective disciplines, alongside Bericon’s corporate membership of many of the forensic sector’s leading institutions and societies. These include the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, the Expert Witness Institute and the Society of Expert Witnesses.