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Bericon Forensics has provided expert forensic reports and a comprehensive range of services to criminal defence solicitors for 35 years and is one of the oldest independent forensic consultancy organisations in the UK.

We strive to position ourselves as a ‘one stop shop’ for those requiring expertise in the field of forensic examination and analysis. We can assist in cases involving alcohol calculations (“back calculations”), analysis relating to personal use of controlled drugs and drug driving, drug valuation (including POCA), blood pattern analysis (BPA), DNA testing, fingerprinting, electronic tags (PID), gunshot or firearms discharge residue (GSR), handwriting analysis, document comparison, as well as forensic analysis of glass, fibres and footwear marks. This is coupled with the capability to examine computer hard drives to determine, for example, internet activity and the examination of mobile phones and cell site analysis.

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The business now operates from premises in London and Stoke-on-Trent, allowing us to accept instructions from right across the UK, with expert practitioners covering the spectrum of forensic science.



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Our goal is to make Bericon your first choice for forensic examinations and consultancy, by offering a fast, friendly and efficient service. There are so many occasions when forensic evidence is presented by the Prosecution which leaves solicitors wondering whether to pursue a defence of it, so from immediate instruction in a specific area to informal advice on a DNA profile, Bericon Forensics is here to help.

Bericon Forensics has a long pedigree of working closely with solicitors and barristers throughout England and Wales, having been involved with a number of high-profile cases.

Our role in the legal process

When it comes to forensic assessment we are ever-mindful of the need to supply quotations that not only meet the needs of the client and their legal representatives but also the financial requirements imposed by the Legal Aid Agency. In these days of a fully-privatised forensic service in England and Wales, it has never been as important, in our view, to check both the validity and reliability of the forensic evidence but also check the significance of any work prior to its presentation to court.

To aid this process, every one of our reporting scientists individually hold professional membership in their respective disciplines, alongside Bericon’s corporate membership of many of the forensic industry’s leading institutions and societies. These include the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, the Expert Witness Institute and the Society of Expert Witnesses.

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