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Forensic Glass Analysis

Forensic science can often be classified as a new and developing area or as a more traditional and now often under-utilised area.

A good example of the latter is the examination for the presence of glass fragments on items of clothing and footwear. Extensive studies in the last 30 years have demonstrated that when an individual is close to a breaking glass window, minute fragments can be deposited onto them and these can remain there for some time.

Consequently the arrest of individuals associated with such a crime needs to be a timely one.

When glass fragments are deposited on items and subsequently recovered from them at the laboratory they can be compared to fragments from the crime scene and then, dependent on the rarity of the glass, comments can be made as to the likelihood that an individual was near to that particular glass as it shattered.


This type of case can often be reliant on the number of fragments found, their location and the abundance of the glass type in general use.

Bericon is able to offer assessment of the above factors and put these into the context of, say, the process by which the individual was arrested and their contact with other individuals associated with the crime, factors which can be important when there are limited numbers of fragments found.

Consequently, whilst modern-day crimes are often primarily reviewed with regard to the presence of DNA, it must be remembered that the older evidence types can still be crucial to an investigation. Indeed, Bericon continues to be instructed in cases where even the most advanced forms of DNA analysis has not revealed the identity of the perpetrator whilst the presence of glass fragments on their clothing has.

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