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Drug Analysis Forensics

Drug Analysis Forensics

Drug Analysis Forensics

Drug Analysis: Use and Valuation

At Bericon Forensics we specialise in comprehensive scientific investigation. Providing forensic services to legal professionals and individuals across the UK. We prioritise a fast and reliable service. 

Our service offering includes the scientific investigation of drug-related cases. Our expertise ranges from basic substance identification to intricate profiling and comparison of packaging materials. As scientific experts, we understand the complexities surrounding drug analysis. Plus, the use and valuation of drugs within the UK. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to provide tailored solutions for our clients. 

In what cases is drug analysis needed? 

Drug use and valuation analysis play a critical role in legal contexts where substance-related issues arise. The expertise of our team proves invaluable when providing valuable evidence for use in cases. Whether cases involve drug trafficking, possession, distribution or manufacturing. Forensic evidence in drug cases is often vital. 

Drug use and valuation can be vital in proceedings, where accurate valuation of drug seizures is required. In addition, our forensic analysis could be used in cases that involve driving under the influence, workplace drug testing, and custody battles that involve allegations of substance abuse. As well as criminal investigations which include drug-related offences. 

In more serious investigations a major consideration can be the valuation of a drug seizure and Bericon is able to assess recovered amounts in light of wholesale and retail prices. This is particularly relevant in Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) cases where we often find that the financial valuations presented in the Section 16(3) document are excessive.


Our services: 

Drug Analysis and Identification: 

Our team conducts thorough examinations to identify substances and assess the purity of these substances. We are also able to detect adulterants or excipients and determine the origin of drug samples. Utilising advanced testing methods, Bericon Forensics can interpret results accurately to support legal proceedings. 

Drug Packaging Examination: 

There is significant importance in analysing the packaging in drug-related cases. By comparing various materials such as plastic bags, wraps and foils, we can establish crucial facts. Such as connections between bulk drug supplies, the origin of drugs and connections between street dealers and users. 

Valuation of Drug Seizures:

Our forensic experts are well-versed in working alongside legal professionals. Assessing the value of recovered drug quantities based on wholesale and retail prices. This evaluation is particularly crucial in cases involving the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA), where inflated financial valuations may be challenged.

Pattern of Abuse Analysis: 

At Bericon, we provide insights into whether the substances in question were intended for personal use or onward sale. We have experience in evaluating various sizes of drug quantities. Our findings will contribute to valuable perspectives on legal arguments. 

Cannabis Cultivation Assessment: 

Evaluating a cannabis cultivation site is a service that Bericon offers. Assessing the health of recovered plants and estimating potential yields. Additionally, we analyse the sophistication of cultivation setups, including the use of timing devices, heaters, and plant nutrients.

Clandestine Laboratory Investigations: 

We specialise in investigating clandestine laboratories involved in the illicit manufacturing of substances like amphetamines or LSD. Our assessments include analysing the scale of operations, evaluating synthesis success rates, and determining the potential legitimacy of chemicals and processes.

Our Standards of Service 

Bericon Forensics prides itself on being professional and experienced. Whilst maintaining the highest ethical practices. 

Drug Use Analysis and Valuations 

Whether it's determining the origin and purity of seized substances or assessing the financial implications of drug-related activities, our expertise in drug use and valuation analysis serves to provide clarity and support to legal proceedings across a spectrum of cases.

Who do we provide forensic drug assessments and analysis for? 

At Bericon, we understand the significance of drug analysis and assessments in the legal landscape. Our team of experts collaborate with both solicitors, legal professionals and individuals. Our experts play a crucial role in assessing the drugs in relation to a case. Whether this is concerning drug trafficking, possession or distribution. 

Our Expertise and Support 

Bericon Forensics is committed to providing a high quality and quality forensic service. Our team’s knowledge, expertise and experience allow us to deliver a wide range of forensic services. We support legal professionals, ensuring that justice is serviced with accuracy and integrity. 

Contact Us 

If you'd like to speak to a forensic expert here at Bercion Forensics, please get in touch with our team. Call us on 01782 394929 or email us at

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